April Color Inspiration

My intention for April was to focus on fresh Spring colors: lilac, pale yellow, grass green, etc. a very Easter appropriate palette. However, I got a bit distracted by my recent travels to Sedona. The stunning landscape and vivid colors of the Coconino Forest forced me to rethink this month's palette.


Usually, I have really bad luck with the weather on vacation, but not this time. The temperature was ideal. Not too hot. Not too cold. Likewise, the skies were perfectly blue and clear which contrasted beautifully with the gorgeous red rock.


Anyway, you can see how Sedona inspired this month’s color wheel. The colors of the month are red rock red, desert maroon, sagebrush, windbreaker pink, dusty orange, navy shadows, horizon blue, juniper green, mesquite leaf, too blue skies and peachy sand.

April Color Inspiration